20 Minute Manhattan Sunset

On this dull and chilly Easter Bank holiday Monday, I decided to have a look back through my photos from New York last August (when it was a lot warmer than today) and I came across a series of pictures I took of the sunset one evening over in Brooklyn, at the small park between…Read more 20 Minute Manhattan Sunset

Southport Fireworks 2016

So that time of year arrived again last weekend when I got to shoot the amazing Southport Musical Fireworks Championships. It's becoming a bit of an annual event now for me and I went over to shoot the Friday and Saturday shows this year. Now located in Victoria park, there are 2 displays on the…Read more Southport Fireworks 2016

Contemporary Wishes

Photographing Wishes is one of the highlights of a trip to Disney World for me, and I have also wanted to try the food at California Grill for many years. On our last trip, we managed to get a reservation, with the added bonus of being able to watch the fireworks from the rooftop terrace…Read more Contemporary Wishes

Exploring Epcot After Hours

I made it my mission to spend an evening at Epcot and hang around after the fireworks show once the park had closed, to get some long exposures. My plan was to watch and photograph the show from the Japan pavilion (pics coming soon) as it was the most central and furthest away from the…Read more Exploring Epcot After Hours

Media City Revisited

It's no secret that I have a bit of a soft spot for Salford Quays - I love the modern architecture, the lights and colours of the buildings and the photo opportunities all around the Lowry and Media City area. There are tons of pics on the net from the quays, but it keeps drawing…Read more Media City Revisited

Main Street USA After Dark – Disneyland Paris

We have just returned from a short break to Disneyland Paris. With a long stretch ahead until our next trip to Florida, we needed a Disney fix so took the opportunity to head over to Paris for a break. It was the intention to go during the off season when the parks would be quiet,…Read more Main Street USA After Dark – Disneyland Paris