Southport Fireworks 2016

So that time of year arrived again last weekend when I got to shoot the amazing Southport Musical Fireworks Championships. It's becoming a bit of an annual event now for me and I went over to shoot the Friday and Saturday shows this year. Now located in Victoria park, there are 2 displays on the…Read more Southport Fireworks 2016

Contemporary Wishes

Photographing Wishes is one of the highlights of a trip to Disney World for me, and I have also wanted to try the food at California Grill for many years. On our last trip, we managed to get a reservation, with the added bonus of being able to watch the fireworks from the rooftop terrace…Read more Contemporary Wishes

British Musical Fireworks – Southport

It's an annual event that I always really look forward to - The British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport is a 3 night fireworks spectacular with 7 competitors all showing their skill to compete for the title. A few months back we started our blog with a post about shooting fireworks at Disney, and the…Read more British Musical Fireworks – Southport

Wishes – Photographing Fireworks

For the first post to our blog, I wanted to combine 3 of my favourite things. Photography, Disney and Fireworks. I have always enjoyed watching fireworks displays, and none are bigger or better (in my opinion) than the Wishes display every evening at Magic Kingdom in Florida. After a long day enjoying the rides and…Read more Wishes – Photographing Fireworks