Birmingham Photo Walk

Last weekend I headed down to Birmingham for a few hours exploring the city. With limited time, my first port of call was Milk Street, where there is an interesting set of arches in the railway viaduct which are occupied by various businesses. There are alsosome cool graffiti paintings on the walls and gates in…Read more Birmingham Photo Walk

Media City – ND1000

I have been itching to have a go at some daytime long exposure pics using an ND1000 10 stop filter for what seems like ages. Every time I have planned to give it a try, the good old British weather has let me down. I was over at Salford Quays again today doing a bit…Read more Media City – ND1000

Southport Pier

With a relatively mild and sunny February Sunday to myself, I had a ride out to Southport to try out some long exposure pictures using an ND1000 10 stop neutral density filter. Southport is rather unique in that the pier itself starts about 300 metres in land and crosses the marine lake and cuts through…Read more Southport Pier

Blackpool North Pier

Today's quick blog post comes from Blackpool . . . I had a spare few hours recently and wanted to try and get some long exposure pictures. Unfortunately, the weather as ever was my enemy, and whilst I managed to get a few keepers, the day was overcast, grey and generally miserable. I made it…Read more Blackpool North Pier

Liverpool Photo Project

For something a little different this weekend, I decided to have a ride over to Liverpool, and try out a little project for something different. I set myself the task of getting 10 pictures that were unusual - in that they are not your run of the mill street / building scenes. I got there…Read more Liverpool Photo Project